Technical Department

Structure and tasks

The main task of the Department is to ensure the continuous operation of the technical conditionality of curative, diagnostic and supporting organizational units. In order to do that the Department works together and continuously communicates with all departments and units of the Institute.
The technical condition of all buildings at the Institute, as well as all medical machines and instruments are under the supervision of the Technical Department. Similarly, building engineering, high and low voltage systems, medical gas supply systems and medical technology equipment and systems are monitored. The Department ensures operating conditions and provides maintenance work, periodical review and technical control. Repairs are organised accommodating patient care when technical problems occur.
In addition to operating existing property and assets, property and instrument management are provided as well. Deteriorated property and instruments are replaced ensuring the continuous and high quality mechanic and technical conditions. The preparation of investments and renovations are performed and procurements are also carried out.
The Department is in constant contact with building contractors in order to perform architectural, building engineering and electrical works, and is also in cooperation with suppliers in the field of instrument procurement to be performed effectively.
There are 12 members in our maintenance team at the Department who perform smaller property maintenance and troubleshooting work at the Institute. Continuous operation is ensured by maintaining an on-call and standby system. Maintenance materials, tools and manual instruments are provided for our workers in order to perform their daily duties.
Complex tasks, unplanned major repairs, or interventions that require special expertise, equipment or permission are performed by involving contracted external partners who are proficient workers in healthcare institutes.
The tasks of the Technical Department include ensuring power management and non-stop utility services.
The work of the Department along with other partner departments is supported by the CT Ecostat financial program system and its appropriate modules. Our objective is to upgrade the technical service provided and carry out professional and quick maintenance with causing minimal disturbance in curative care.

National Institute of Oncology
Financial Directorate

Technical Department
Head of Department: Gyula Csiza +36 1 224-8792 fax: +36-1-224-8793
Administrator: Judit Andrási
Technical Administrator: Tamás Böjthe
Operational Team Leader: Mária Kósáné Szilágyi
Instrument Team Leader: Zoltán Molnár
Maintenance staff: 12 members
Rooms of the Department are located in Buildings 4 and 15.

+36 (1) 224 8600
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