Unfortunately, due to the limited number of parking spaces available at the Institute’ premises patient transportation by one’s car and parking said car is not possible. Therefore ambulances can be requested at all three gates of the Institute for the transportation of bedridden patients and patients in a poor health condition. The ambulance provides the appropriate method of transportation according to the patients’ health condition.

The Institute has 20 parking spots (from the corner of Kékgolyó utca to the gate at Ráth György utca), which can be used free of charge if the patient’s medical record at the Institute is presented. If the patient’s medical record is not presented, the parking spots are available for a reduced fee. Patients treated at the Institute can park at Krisztina Garázs (located near Déli pályaudvar, 1012 Budapest, Kosciuszkó Táde utca 15.) for a fee of 1800 HUF/day by presenting the certificate of the current treatment received. Besides the above mentioned, parking is only available at the designated parking spots for a fee.

In case you receive a parking fine, you can request the remission of your fine on the base of equity at the Security Services Department in Building 4. This request is only applicable in the case that you spent more than 4 hours at our Institute and you can prove that you have paid the parking fee for 4 hours.

Only the following vehicles are allowed to enter the Institute’s premises:
• vehicles owned by the Institute,
• ambulance cars and patient transport vehicles,
• registered cars owned by the Institute’s personnel,
• vehicles confirmed to be transporting goods to or from the Institute,
• vehicles of maintenance companies,
• vehicles of partner institutions and officials,
• vehicles of people on possession of a disability parking permit (blue badge) for a maximum of 15 minutes.