Pharmacy's role is to support the safe and effective use of medicines for all our patients. We do this through a number of teams of trained pharmacists.

Central pharmacy stores: we support medicines, bandages for clinical departments and diagnostics for laboratory and researchers.

Medicines Information Service: up-to-day information of medicine and access to drugs for clinical staff.

Clinical Trials Area: we are active parts of clinical trials, as supply of drugs, preparation of trials drugs, randomization of patients.

Sterile production unit: we prepare 50 thousand sterile chemotherapeutical infusions yearly. The Aseptic Unit in the Pharmacy Department supports the patient treatments by manufacturing chemotherapy injections in a sterile environment. A sterile environment is created though a number of different measures:
• Design of the unit (eg. the air is filtered to reduce airborne contaminants)
• Regular cleaning
• Special clothing (the operators wear special hats, gloves, tunics and shoes)
• Decontamination of products (alcohol spray is used to clean all the components for the injections)
• Laminar airflow boxes for compounding
• CATO software to support making chemotherapy plan and checking the compounding
All of prescriptions, worksheet, labels, active drug and diluents are checked by a pharmacist.

Non-sterile manufacturing unit: we prepare ointments, solutions, suppositories, powders.

Clinical offices including management, training and clerical functions. We are accredited for training of pharmacist students.

Outpatient pharmacy: we support medicines for oncology treatments and supportation, OTC drugs. Opening hours: 8-15 on weekdays. You can pay by credit cards.

Staff: 7 pharmacists, 8 pharmacy technicians and 8 nurses.