Head of Centre


Head of Department


STAFF (2019)

Dr. ATTILA PATÓCS head of department
Prof. Dr. EDIT OLÁH member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, former head, Scientific advisor
Dr. JANOS PAPP deputy head, biologist
Dr. ANIKO BOZSIK biologist
Dr. BARNA BUDAI, chemist
TÍMEA PÓCZA biologist
LAJOSNÉ FRANKÓ technician in humangenetics, lead assistant
MÁRIA BALOGHNÉ KOVÁCS technician in humangenetics and microbiology
JUDIT FERENCZINÉ RAB clinical assistant
GABRIELLA DOMOKOS technician in humangenetics


1) Molecular genetic diagnosis of hereditary cancer syndromes

The Department performs molecular genetic analysis of familiar and young onset breast, ovarian and colon cancers in order to identify mutation carriers who are at high risk for development of these syndromes. Early genetic diagnosis helps in prevention, in early clarification of clinical diagnosis and in starting personalized treatments. These analyses should be requested within the health system and medical consultation is needed. For further assistance about the examination and patient’s appointments please call: +36-1-224-8600 / 1108.
The detailed protocol can be found under:
(ISO-5.7 A Molekuláris Genetikai Osztály diagnosztikus tevékenysége)

2) Research tasks

Our Department is actively participating in various research programs which aimed to detect and identify genetic risk alleles for development of hereditary cancers.

The head of Department also lead the Hungarian Academy financed MTA-SE Lendület Hereditary Endocrine Tumours Research group. This group is multidisciplinary: molecular biologist, MDs, clinical geneticist, bioinformaticians, chemist are working together ( Of endocrine tumors the hereditary medullary thyroid cancer, hereditary pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma syndromes, gastro-entero-pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors, adrenal and pituitary tumors are in the main focus. The group performs genetic, epigenetic, cell biology and biochemical studies in order to identify the molecular background of these tumours and to reveal potential novel therapeutical targets.
Resistance against hormonal treatment is also in our main focus. Particularly we perform research in deciphering the mechanism behind glucocorticoid receptor mediated resistance.

3) Educational tasks

The head of the Department and dr. Butz are also affiliated members of the Department of Laboratory Medicine Semmelweis University. They participate in gradual, post gradual and PhD education. They are doing educational activities related to medical laboratory diagnostics, molecular genetic diagnostics, clinical genetics, and clinical endocrinology specialties. They are mentoring 2-3 PhD students at Semmelweis University Doctoral Program. and also supervising the research activity of 4-5 research students.

4) Professional relationships and memberships in professional societies

Staff members are active members of Hungarian Society of Oncology, Hungarian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Hungarian Society of Laboratory Medicine and European Endocrine Society.

The head is a member of Professional board of Clinical Genetics and elected member of the leaders of Hungarian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism. Former head (prof. Dr. Edit Oláh, member of the Clinical Genetics board, member of Medical of Department of Hungarian Academy of Sciences and member of habilitation committee of Semmelweis University.

Dr. Patocs is a co-chair of Genetic Endocrine Tumours Main Thematic Group of ENDO-ERN and also co-chair of adrenal and neuroendocrine tumours focus area of European Society of Endocrinology.