Medical Library

The National Institute of Oncology Medical Library, is a national task specialist library. It is limited public, only the institute’s workers can use the services of the library. Joined to the MTMT system.

Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8:30 – 15:00
Friday: 8:30 – 14:30


Dániel Faragó (informatics librarian, MTMT administrator)
Orsolya Frankó (informatics librarian, MTMT administrator)


tel.: +36-1-224-8600 / 1286

The National Institute of Oncology Medical Library was founded in 1953. It united with the Onco-pathological Research Institute (OPI) Library in 1982.

Basic Task: Give access, availability to the private collection. The holdings of the library system can be found in printed and electronic documents, which promotes and supports the current Institute healing, teaching and research work of the physicians, researchers and assistants. The Institute supports the postgraduate education to doctors and students.

The library services: Borrow books and articles, reading room, information and documents service, computer and internet use, photocopying, interlibrary loan. Annually collects the list of publications from the Institute's staff. Since 2016, we are institutional administrators at the MTMT database.

The library collection includes partly books and mostly bound journals. As a member of a national consortium (the Electronic Informationservice), the Institute subscribes for the Web of Science, ClinicalKey and Springer Nature database. We have hundreds of online medical journals from the databases.