Prof. Dr. Szabolcs OTTÓ

Head Physician, Head of Department

Short history

The Central Laboratory of the Institute operated in the basement of the main building under difficult circumstances led by dr. Márta Schmidt between 1960 and 1974.

The Department moved to another building in 1974 where conditions were better. Under the leadership of the Head Physician dr. Katalin Koller the performance and the level of quality of the Department have increased significantly since 1975.

In 1979, Dr. Szabolcs Ottó became the Head of the Department. In the following years the selection of routine examinations have expanded significantly, the automatization of the Department has started paired with internationally recognized research and development activities as well as education.

In 1988, the Department moved to its present location to the new diagnostic building (D). Development and modernization is still under way in line with the current requirements of the age and the number of examinations.

In 2018, the Laboratory made 1,645,501 routine examinations altogether. The highly qualified staff performs its professional activities with excellence. In addition to physicians and analysts, 78 % of the assistants are specialized assistants.

Organizational structure of the Department

Clinical chemistry
Clinical haematology
Blood type
Tumor maker
Outpatient blood test, urine test


Prof. Dr. Szabolcs OTTÓ
Head of the Department, Head Physician, Clinical Laboratory Specialist, Specialist in forensic medicine
Deputy Head of Department, Deputy Head Physician, Clinical Laboratory Specialist
Dr. Mária GERGYE
Head Physician, Clinical Laboratory Specialist, Infant Specialist and Paediatrician
Dr. Enikő OROSZ
Head Physician, Clinical Laboratory Specialist, Psychotherapy Specialist, Ph.D. student
Dr. Gabriella GÖDRI
Lecturer, Clinical Laboratory Specialist, Haematology Specialist
Katalin MAY

Full-time Specialists: 5, Biologist: 1, Analysts: 3, Specialized Assistants: 14, Assistants: 5, Assistant Personnel: 1, Health Administrator: 1, Auxiliary staff: 3, Number of all colleagues: 33


• Complete routine laboratory tests of inpatients and outpatients.
• Strict and regular internal quality control, participation in external quality controls: QualiCont, RIQAS, EQAS.
• Assistance in clinical trial of drugs within the framework of national and international cooperation.
• Follow-up on the success of anticancer treatments (radio and chemotherapy), monitoring and follow-up of asymptomatic patients
• Screening of malignant tumor disease, early detection (PSA, bowel cancer)
• Coordination of laboratory tasks of the Public Health Screening Program and incorporating said task into the clinical oncology activities

Scientific work:
• Developing a new examination method to detect occult gastrointestinal bleeding with national and international cooperation.
• On-demand cooperation with research laboratories and clinical departments.
• After the introduction of the latest test methods performing follow-up on their effectiveness, and exchange of experiences.

Educational activity

• The Department is the teaching laboratory of Semmelweis University. There is a regular practical training for interns, examinees, clinical biochemists with the participation of specialists and professional workers.

Tutors: Prof. Dr. Szabolcs OTTÓ, Dr. Ágnes VÁGÓ, Dr. Mária GERGYE

• Prof. Dr. Szabolcs OTTÓ is a regular lecturer in medical student education at Semmelweis University.
• We welcome graduates for professional practice from the University of Debrecen Faculty of Health, Department of Clinical Chemistry Analytics.

+36 (1) 224 8600
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