Hungarian Cancer Registry

Introducing the Hungarian Cancer Registry

Operation of the Hungarian Cancer Registry is declared by government decree from 1999, which ordered the Registry to the National Institute of Oncology. Among the “Catch-up Program” of World Bank Group financial background of the Hungarian Cancer Registry was created, and operation was started according to the international guidelines in 2000. This way the earlier hospital-based registration process was transformed to a population based system. The work of the Hungarian Cancer Registry is controlled by its Supervisory Board.


Hospitals directly report professional data of the cancer patients to our center, which verifies data quality and reports back for correction and control to the hospitals. Since 2001 the Hungarian Cancer Registry shares annual reports, which aggregate distinct cancerous cases according to sex, age group and regional categorization. Based on individual agreements we support scientific research work and serve information about our cases in the database – in compliance with the personal data management policies.

Contact information

Hungarian Cancer Registry and Center for Biostatistcs
Address: H1122 Budapest Ráth György u. 7-9.
Postal address: H1525 Budapest, PF.21.
Tel.: (+36 1) 224 – 8600 / 1499

Staff of the Hungarian Cancer Registry

Head of center: Kenessey István, MD, PhD
Statistician: Dobozi Mária
Administrator: Kiss Éva
Ráskiné Kárpáti Krisztina
IT: Szatmári István

Interactive online interface of the Hungarian Cancer Registry

In concordance with the practice of international cancer centers, where data are only available after three years, cancer registries (as Hungarian Cancer Registry) are under continuous correction process, therefore data will be changed surely within the last one year, and most likely between the last 3 and 5 years by the entry of new records.

+36 (1) 224 8600
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