Department of Oncological Organisation & Methodology

The activity of the department

Planning, co-ordinating and organizing of the structure, personal-physical conditions and specific territorial tasks of the national and regional oncology network; collecting the data and informations about all; initiating the cooperations amoung the health institutions and the medical specialties; conducting regular and ad hoc visits to the department of oncology; making professional opinions and proposals for development of fight against cancer.
Participation in the professional supervision of oncology network at the request of the head of the NIO or the Board os Oncology.
Conducting the operation and related secretorial tasks of the Oncology and Radiotherapy Division and Council of the Health Professional College Board.
Tracking the founding situations of the operating services on the fields of oncology and preparing proposals to develop the methodology and practice of the financing.
Gathering the data and informations on the risk factors relating to the primary, secundary and tertiary cancer prevention and on its role in the national situation of prevention; contribution to spreading the knowledge about prevention .
Participating in the preparing and audit of the report-systems about oncolgical activity; collecting the data and evaluating the documentation and statistics; participation in the development of the information system and in introduction of the new items of it; to maintain and expand professional relationships amoung the medical profession and its national institutes involved into oncology care.
Cooperation with the anti-cancer and other social organisations, participation in professional support the work of these organisations with adding suggestions and opinions. Participation in the preparing and disseminating of the appropriate programs related to goals of health reform and contributing to the plenning the tasks of necessary multidisciplinary cooperation and sicial cohesion.