Catering Department of the
National Institute of Oncology

It is located on 3 floors in the 14th Building of the Institute. On the ground floor are the stores, on the 1st floor is the kitchen, while on the 3rd floor are the offices and the big dining-room, so-called Eckhardt room named after a former very famous oncologist, Director General of the Institute.

The main purpose of our Catering Department is to supply the patients , besides their hospital care, with food of good quality. We have our own kitchen where the dishes are cooked by 5 chefs and their helpers.

The menu for breakfast and dinner are individually wrapped for each patient. Vegetables and fruits are provided every day.

To each patients’ department belongs a dietetian, who looks after the diets of patients lying in the department. There are some patients who get individual diet.
The lunch is served on separate trays to each patient. To everybody’s tray of the daily menu (lunch) is given their own name, ward no. and diet on a little sign in order to make sure everybody gets the proper diet. Patients lying in the hospital get formulas as well if necessary.

On their hospital dismissal dietitians supply patients with individual dietary advice.

Dietitians often give lectures on various topics to the patients and they also take part in compulsory further trainings.

With all these we should like to reach everybody would get the best care in our hospital.

The staff working in the Institute can get lunch, too if they wish. The lunch is served in between 11.30 am and 2.30 pm in our beautiful dining-room mentioned before, where not only the lunch is served but various events are often held,too.

Advice on Food Labelling

According to the 1169/2011 EU Decree we indicate the numbers of the 14 allergens and the salt added on the menues both of patients and the staff.

Contacts Chief of Catering Department:
Mrs Eva, Póka
Tel. No. +36 1 224 8600 Extension 1305
E-mail address:
Leader of Dietitians:
Ms Adrienn, Pongrácz
Tel. No. +36 1 224 8600 Extension 3362
Our dietitians:
Mrs Beáta, Deákné Baranyi Extension 3450
Mrs Gertrúd, Kovács Extension 3834
Ms Eva, Kovács Extension 3363
Ms Zsófia, Bitter Extension 3436
Their e-mail address is:

+36 (1) 224 8600
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