Head Physician, Head of Department

The department of Gynaecology is the largest onco-gynaecological centre in Hungary. Along with diagnostic facilities, the department can offer the full range of surgical and chemotherapeutic treatments. Patients receive a high level of care, and treatment are executed according to international standards. Whilst we are capable of performing major surgeries, where possible, we prefer choosing the minimally invasive way if possible.
Patients using our chemotherapy unit can participate in studies and trials, so they have access to the most modern pharmaceutical treatments. Our specialists not only aim to destroy the tumour, but also to maintain a high quality of life. We achieve this by taking into account the needs, fears of each individual.
Because our surgical specialists are constantly updating their procedures and treatments, we are able to monitor the area surrounding the tumour to minimise any further risk or damage. Following all the latest guidelines, we adhere to all the requirements of the European Centre for Excellence, and aim to set ourselves a higher standard.