Head Physician, Head of Department

Thoracic Surgery Department


Thoracic Surgery Department Dr. Ferenc Rényi-Vámos
Lung Transplantation Unit Dr. Ferenc Rényi-Vámos
Thoracic Surgical Oncology Unit Dr. László Agócs
ECMO Unit Dr. Jenő Elek

In this page we would like to introduce our unique possibilities that help us provide the best treatment to our patients. A multidisciplinary approach is available to the patients in the National Institute of Oncology: surgery, chemoterapy, radiology imaging, radiotherapy, laboratory tests, pathology, molecular pathology tests.The key to the highest service in our Institute is the cooperation between specialists, a standard we are truly proud of.
The Thoracic Surgery Department’s main profile is the curative and diagnostic surgery of the following: lung cancer, mediastinum, substernal struma, myasthenia gravis, thymus, trachea, chest wall (including funnel chest, pectus carinatum, thoracic outlet syndrome) and hyperhydrosis - sweaty palms disease.

We place great emphasis on minimal invasive thoracic surgery, we are able to carry out more than half of our surgery procedures with videothoracoscopy (VATS). We do a large number of VATS pulmonary lobe resections in our Country, and we are also using minimally invasive techniques in lung and pleura biopsy, surgery of funnel chest, thymectomy, and in the treatment of sweaty palms disease. In Hungary, only our department has the equipment for using laser surgery techniques, with which we can evacuate multiple pulmonary tumors while preserving lung tissue integrity.

Our department’s doctors also participate in translational scientific research and experiments based on the help of other departments (Radiology, Surgery and Molecular Cancer Pathology Centrum, Department of Biochemistry, Central Clinical Laboratory, Department of Molecular Genetics, Department of Diagnostic Oncocytogenetics, Department of Immunology and Toxicology, and Department of Clinical Pharmacology).
Our international partners (AKH, Vienna, Austria) provide us the possibility to quickly introduce the most recent technical novelties.
Due to our profile of difficult surgery procedures with state-of-the-art techniques, the support of our Intensive Care Deparment with proper equipment is essential.
The Thoracic Surgery Department can be found in building 3 on the 4th floor. We ensure our patients’ comfort with air-conditioned double and triple bedrooms with bathrooms.

Colleagues of the Department:
1. Rényi-Vámos Ferenc Med. habil. Head of Centre, Department - CV
2. Agócs László - CV
3. Kocsis Ákos - CV
4. Török Klára - CV
5. Bogyó Levente - CV
6. Mészáros László - CV
7. Döme Balázs - CV
8. Gieszer Balázs - CV
9. Farkas Attila - CV
10. Ghimessy Áron - CV
11. Radeczky Péter - CV
12. Tallósy Bernadett - CV
13. Csende Kristóf - CV
14. Tihanyi Hanna - CV

Consulting hours:
Monday Dr. Rényi -Vámos Ferenc Dr. Gieszer Balázs
Tuesday Dr. Agócs László
Wednesday Dr. Bogyó Levente
Thursday Dr. Kocsis Ákos
Friday Dr. Mészáros László