Prof. Dr. Mihály Bak Ph.D, Ds.C

Head Physician, Head of Department



The Department of Cytology was organized by prof. dr. Sándor Eckhard, director general and prof. dr. János Sugár director of the Department of Pathology and headed by dr. Miklós Bodó from 1982 until is departure in 1991.

A fine needle aspiration cytology outpatient clinic has been introduced – the first in Hungary – with 1 attending specialist, 2 assistants and 1 adiministrator with the capability to report the results in the vast majority of cases vithin half an hour. Thousands of such ivestigations were carrie out annually.
Int the cervix cytology laboratory with 8 screening assistnants approximately 60 000 samples were screened annually. The Department also continued to provide cytological screening assistant trainings on a regular basis (10 months offsite training organized by ETI) to a couple of hundreds assistants over the course of a decade. The phisicians pareticipated in the routin surgical pathology work. During theis time – in terms of scientific field – dr. Bodó, dr. Bak and Dr. Sápi obtained PhD degree. In 1990 Miklós Bodó obtained D.Sc degree too. At this time the medical staff consisted of 4 attendings (dr. Mihály Bak, dr. Zoltán Sápi, dr. Veronika Tóth, dr. Erika Szerján) who participated in the surgical pathology postgraduate training at the Oncopathology Department of Haynal Imre Univesity of Postgraduate Medicine in Budapest. At the and of 1991 dr. Miklós Bodó and almost all of his collegues left the Cytopathology Department and went to The Department of Pathology et St. John’s Hospital, Budapest.

To fill The vacant director position following a succesfull application procedure dr Mihály Bak was appointed to the head of Department of Cytology in 1992. The work of reorganization began and lasted for several years. During this periode the earlier established work schedule continued.

Current staff of The Cytology Department

Head prof. dr. Mihály Bak Ph.D, D.Sc
Deputy head dr. János Fillinger Ph.D
Attending Physicians dr. Ferenc Schneider Ph.D
dr. Gabriella Ivády
dr. Anna Szente
Chief assistant Séberné Mária Éll M.Sc
Assistants 6 people
Administrators 2 people
Secretary 1 person

Professional profil

1. Outpatient aspiration cytology
Following referral, patients are accepted every day of the week, between 8:30 and 14:00 hours at the outpatient clinic of the institute (Kékgolyó street 13, 2nd flour room number 222). Following phisical (or in special cases UH) exam the fine needle aspiration (FNA) is taking place After computer recording the fixed spears are processed on the spot like other samples that ware taken outside the cytological laboratory. Samples may be taken from the breast, thyroid, lymph nodes, lung, liver, pancreas, body cavity fluids, urine, or subcutan masses tec. The microscopic exam and reporting taking place in the laboratory and generally (if special technics are not needed for the diagnosis), the reports are handed to the patients within 20 minutes. Among the above mantioned special technics are the already introduced liquid based cytology (LBC) for nongynecologic cytology, immuncytochemistry and FNA cell blokk histology.
2. Gynecologic, cervico-vaginal cytopathology
Smears may arrive from the gynecologic autpatient clinic of our institute or autside institutions. Following technical processing 2 qualified screening assistants screen the smears for positive cases, the negative cases are signed out by them. The positive cases are consulted first by the supervisor assistant and if it is necessary by the cytopathologist before reporting. In 2012 the gynecologic LBC was introduced and the publication about this experience was the firts in Hungary. Among the most important advantages are 1st the more than 90% sensitivity (which means, that if on the basis of cytology DNS test is indicated, it can be caried out from the rest of vial fluid without extra doctor vizit). Since it is not supported by the OEP, in the case of special indications The funding is provided by the Institute’s „Early and Effectevely Against Cancer” fundation, free of charge for the patient.
3. Participation in The surgical pathology diagnostic work
Staff members sign out pathohistology cases.
4. Educational activity
The Department is an accredited institute for cytopathology training of the Semmelweis University (SE), Budapest. Staff members participate in the postgraduate educations organized by the Institute of Oncology, SE and SZTE ÁOK. They are also active in the annual educational meetings of cytology screening assistants organized by the ETI and EMMI.

Scientific work

Since 1990 dr. Bak has been a scientific supervisor at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and since 1995 he has a similar position at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of the SZTE ÁOK. By this time his pupils have defended 1 candidate and 5 PhD degrees (see Doctoral Schools). The scientific papers of The Department os Cytopathology can be found in the database of Hungarian Scientific Academy (

Number of medical publication: 199
International journal: 69
Total impact factor: 144,323

+36 (1) 224 8600
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