Head of Department


History of Department

From November 1, 1989, the former chemotherapy department has been divided into two parts: Chemotherapy B and Chemotherapy C. Our department, which was later named the Department of Chest and Abdominal Tumours and Clinical Pharmacology (hereinafter referred to as "Chemotherapy Department B”), regards itself as one of the successors and heirs of the former Department of Chemotherapy.


The history of the department until 1992 is the same as the history of the other internal medicine departments (see there). In 1992, Dr. János Szántó was appointed Head of the Department. Under his leadership, the main profile of the department was the drug treatment of solid tumours. Primarily, patients with breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer and sarcomas were treated here. In 1996, doctor Szántó became Head of the Oncology Department of St. Margaret Hospital in Budapest, and the work of the department was headed by Dr. István Szakolczay with an unchanged profile. From January 1, 1997, Prof. Dr. István Láng, a private lecturer at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, led the department until 31.12.2014. Under his leadership, the Department continued its treating, research and teaching work following the traditions of its predecessors. In the field of breast cancer, lung cancer and gastrointestinal tumors, the department has been involved in a number of prestigious international research projects. Some of these have been and are going on within the framework of EORTC and IBCSG. After Prof. Láng’s retirement Dr. Lajos Géczi, and from 1 July 2015, Dr. Gábor Rubovszky leads the department.

Current staff


Head of Department:

Dr. Gábor Rubovszky Ph.D.


Dr. Hitre Erika Ph.D. head physician, deputy head of department

Dr. Zsuzsanna Németh, head physician

Dr. Zsolt Horváth Ph.D.

Dr. Erna Ganofszky, assistant professor

Dr. Tünde Nagy, assistant professor

Dr. Balázs Madaras, assistant professor

Dr. Tamás Pintér, assistant professor

Dr. Borbála Székely PhD, assistant professor

Dr Gergő Kiszner PhD, assistant professor

Dr. István Kertes



Dr. Réka Nagy

Dr. György Csikó Kristóf

Dr. Evelin Pászkán

Dr Barbara Hegyi

Dr Eszter Hámory

Dr György Klément


Head nurse: Anikó Nagy

Department office: Istvánné Tóth

Doctors' Qualifications:

Dr. Rubovszky Gábor: internal medicine, clinical oncology, clinical pharmacology

Dr. Erika Hitre: internal medicine, clinical oncology, clinical pharmacology

Dr. Erna Ganofszky: pulmonology, clinical oncology

Dr. Zsolt Horváth: internal medicine, clinical oncology, clinical pharmacology, certified health manager, European Medical Oncology Qualification (Certification, ESMO)

Dr. Tünde Nagy: pulmonology, internal medicine, clinical oncology, clinical pharmacology

Dr. Zsuzsanna Németh: surgery, clinical oncology

Dr. Balázs Madaras: internal medicine, clinical oncology

Dr. Tamás Pintér: internal medicine, clinical oncology, clinical pharmacology

Dr. Borbála Székely PhD, clinical oncology

Dr Gergő Kiszner, clinical oncology

Dr. István Kertes, clinical oncology


Presentation of tasks, clinical research and education activities, and international relations


The Department of Oncology Chest and Abdominal Tumors and Clinical Pharmacology is one of the country's largest oncology departments for solid tumors, and is one of the country's all-phase clinical licensed oncology departments. Accordingly, one of the country's largest oncological-clinical pharmacological centers.

It implements complex oncological treatment (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, suportation) for patients with solid tumors - breast cancer, gastrointestinal tumors (colorectal, esophagus, stomach, liver, gall bladder and biliary tract, pancreas), lung cancer, soft tissue sarcoma. Patients are treated according to internationally accepted therapeutic protocols. It is also continuously and actively involved in the development of protocols applied in Hungary. The National Oncology Institute, as Hungary's largest and most complete, multidisciplinary oncology center (comprehensive cancer cancer), with an extensive armory of diagnostic and therapeutic options, provides an excellent background for the complex treatment of these diseases. Thus, it is possible for patients to receive the state-of-the-art medication on the one hand and, on the other hand, to participate in multicentric multinational clinical trials that provide an innovative, not yet registered, but potentially effective therapy. At the same time, the department is an active member of three major international so-called academic clinical coordination organizations (IBCSG, EORTC, CECOG). The department also conducted self-initiated innovative clinical trials with a pharmaceutical license (OGYÉI).

This department leads the Institute's Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Therapy Committee and participates in several other oncodeam activities: The Digestive Intensive Multidisciplinary Oncology Committee, Chest Tumors, Head-Cervical Tumors, Liver Surgeons, and the Soft-tissue Commission.

After complete reconstruction and expansion completed in 2005, the material conditions of the healing work are excellent in our 22-bed in-patient department. As required, can use single-bed hospitals as a day-care clinics. Four beds are specifically dedicatied to phase 1 clinical trials.In cooperation with the Radiology Department, our patients can also benefit from locoregional chemotherapy. Chemo-radiotherapy is also applied, in cooperation with Radiotherapy Center.

Class turnover in a year (approximately):

  • Inpatient care: 1100-1200
  • Ambulatory chemotherapy (cures): 16000-17000
  • Patient Care: 45000-50000

The department's doctors also carry out clinical research according to their specific area of interest. Five doctors obtained a PhD degree. In addition to the specialized scientific workshops of the institute, they also cooperate with international organizations (IBCSG, EORTC, CECOG).

The doctors of the department are continuously involved in the training of medical students, oncologist candidates, andoncologists. They are regular lecturers in the theoretical courses of the specialist training organized by the institute, they also participate in the graduate and postgraduate practical medical training, as well as in the examination of clinical oncology. Practical training of specialist candidates is carried out in the department and in the summer practice we also teach medical students.