Dr. Éva Eszter Bajkó

Leading Head Physician


The Ambulatory Cardiology Unit has been operating in the framework of Outpatient care at the National Institute of Oncology since 1 September 2007.

National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (Hungarian acronym: NEAK) code: 015421232

Core functions:

- Providing cardiology consultation to the Institute’s inpatient departments in case patient complaints or disease symptoms are indicating cardiac diseases.
- Providing consultation for inpatients treated, especially for patients treated at the Intensive Therapy Unit.
- Assessing the cardiology status of outpatients, providing follow-up care during treatment.
- Providing risk assessment during preparation for surgery and therapeutic recommendations.
- Providing follow-up care before chemotherapy treatment and according to the protocol requirements.
- Performing tests before and during radiotherapy treatment.
- Performing follow-up examinations during radio-chemotherapy treatment.
- Performing examinations for inpatients and outpatients if they have acute complaints.
- Performing invasive procedures as required depending on clinical practice and findings.
- Holding presentations on the examinations performed at the Ambulatory Cardiology Unit and their results, within the framework of training and vocational training at the Institute, as well as at other professional forums.

Examination equipment:

- resting 12-lead ECG
- treadmill stress ECG
- 2-D echocardiogram – TTE test
- 24/48 hour Holter monitoring
- 24/48 hour ABPM monitoring
- laboratory/ radiological additional tests are available at the institute
- invasive intervention and inpatient care is provided if needed within the district (haemodynamic laboratory/PM/ablation/ pericardiocentesis)