Leading Head Physician


Leading Head Physician

Treatment concerning chronic pain as a “separate illness” began at the National Institute of Oncology Budapest in November 1981.
Dr. Dezső Embey-Isztin, specialist in anaesthesiology, worked for a year at the department of anaesthesiology at the University of Strasbourg. Applying the knowledge acquired there, he was the first one to employ a number of modern invasive pain management procedures in Hungary, between 1981-1988 only part-time, since1988 full time practice. The treatment is offered for all kinds of chronic pain states, either cancer or non-cancer origin.

At the Pain Management Outpatient Centre the nerve blockades are mostly performed in an ambulatory fashion, with the exception of coeliac ganglion block and the long-term epidural catheter implantation, which require short-term hospital observation.

The methods Dr. Dezső Embey-Isztin introduced in Hungary for the first time:

• Intrathecal neurolysis
• Cannulation of the cervical epidural space and single cervical epidural cortisone injection
• Continuous epidural morphine analgesia with sterile implanted catheter
• Continuous subcutaneous morphine administration through an injection pump for home analgesia
• Neurolytic stellate ganglion block
• Neurolytic coeliac ganglion block
• Neurolytic lumbar sympathetic block (chemical percutaneous sympathectomy)
• Neurolytic obturator nerve block /a unique approach in the world/

Beside invasive procedures, non-invasive treatment - pharmacotherapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and electroacupuncture (ESA) – is also used.

Through the years many lectures were given on analgesia-related topics at various levels (graduate, postgraduate), at different medical forums/courses/conferences.
Numerous articles appeared on oncologic pain management, opioid treatment strategies, breakthrough pain, chronic pain, interventional pain management, complex regional pain syndrome.

In 2009 Dr. Embey-Isztin edited the book: Pain Treatment (White Golden Book).
In 2016 he wrote the Practical Pain Treatment (Medicina) - a very appreciated book, a “concentrate” of his life-long experience.
In 2009 he was given the title of Associate Professor at University of Pécs Medical School.
For the humane, altruist attitude toward the patients and the remarcable proffessional activity, he received the „Pro Patiente” Award (2015) at the National Institute of Oncology.